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Posted on January 25, 2015 @ 1:52 am
This journal is friends only.
If you would like to add me I ask just two things of you ;

1. Please have similar interests.
2. LEAVE A COMMENT! It is not that difficult to manage.
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Posted on July 06, 2009 @ 11:05 pm
I'm off to Paddyland tomorrow until the 16th, can't wait to get out of this filthy city. I decided I won't be bringing my laptop and won't go online while I'm there.

See you guys when I get back, don't get into trouble!
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Posted on April 11, 2008 @ 11:59 am
[ mood | bouncy ]

Last night was so much fun! I haven't had that much fun in SO LONG.

All those who know me know I don't drink and when I do..it does nothing. I don't get drunk at all then I end up feeling abit sick. Last night however I was drunk! and nice drunk..it really must've been the atmosphere that did it (and the Midori and lemonade mmm).

Where to start? Walking into a club with a million hot japanese guys was enough to cheer any sad little girl up XD

I made so many new friends..everyone is so nice there. There were afew western people there who were really rude. If you happened to bump into them or if they blew you a kiss and you turned away they'd tell you to fuck off.

Anyway there were afew nice cherries of the bunch but I saw this guy going passed and I thought he looked nice so I turned to Nina and said 'I think I like someone..although I'm not sure because I didn't see his face clearly'. So we went on a mission to find him and see the face! Well I saw the back of him and that was lovely but then he suddenly turned around and started walking towards us. As he was about to walk by me I was concentrating a little too much on seeing his face (he had a hat on, glasses and very long hair so these things were obscuring the view) and what do I do?...make the chair infront of me fall over. WELL DONE!

We went outside for a cigarette at some point and there was this one guy who both Nina and Ame liked. The best way to describe him was when Hakuei dressed up as jack sparrow (which was fail, I think it was in GLB?) This guy had a red bandana thing on, facial hair and eyeshadow on (none of the guys in here were wearing makeup so he stood out). Anyway this guy they liked was outside and then when I took my cigarette out he suddenly appeared at my side with a lighter. He then started chatting to us, but mostly to me. He managed to weasel out my e-mail address and where I work. I think Ame and Nina hate me now haha. This was also so weird because no-one ever fancies me. I'm not saying that in a 'boo hoo I'm ugly' way, just usually nice guys don't fancy me.

I think I must've given Nina some bruises because everytime the guy I saw went by I squeezed her arm and let out a squeal. I was in the middle of talking to this adorable girl when I noticed he was standing with his friend near us, I then see Nina walking upto him and a sequence of pointing in my direction followed. Then Nina runs over to me and whispers 'he likes you!' and then she literally pushed me at him :/ His name is Hiroshi and he is a freelance hairdresser (good to see some common ground so far :D). His english wasn't very good so he spoke in bad english and I spoke in bad japanese but it worked. I managed to see his face finally and he was so cute...with facial hair. wtf at me liking a guy with facial hair but it was neat and tidy so I guess it's ok. We went to the dancefloor with his friend and then some other people joined us that I'd befriended and it was ust so fun *___*. Everytime weird western guys tried to dance and grind near me Hiroshi would bat them away :D. We went outside for a cigarette and I learnt the bad news that he is going back to japan in 2 months D:. Anyway we swapped number and he has my e-mail address. His friend was being the inbetween and arranging us to meet up during the week. Let's see what happens. He was really sweet and shy so no kissing went on which in a way I preferred. Obviously I had Tetsu in the back of my mind but hey...I deserve to have some fun right?

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Finally decided to put my community up.. [
Posted on January 30, 2008 @ 9:23 pm
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Posted on December 01, 2007 @ 4:07 am
Future Sailors
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Posted on February 08, 2007 @ 1:05 am

Looking for members for my jrock band..Collapse )
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